Designing Your Distraction-free Environment


A distraction-free environment relates to not letting any unimportant stuff (content) creep into your online & offline ecosystem & being very mindful of every situation you interact with.


Moreover, we shouldn’t try to fool ourselves. In the online world, few things happen with our permission and far fewer things are actually controllable by us. Don’t believe me? Netflix actually has an answer for you.

Most of the times people know that they spend their hours on unproductive things but the massive amount of efforts it requires to break the vicious cycle of purely entertainment centric consumption is too daunting to get out of.

Everyone has got the same 24 hours. It’s upon you how you choose to utilise them.

Your rewards could be anything. As long as they can keep you motivated. They do not need to make sense to others and do not need to be anything substantial or even costly. Something as small as 15 minutes of a mobile gaming session, after an hour’s worth of focused work, is also fine.

Image Credits: CGMA

If you stick to following your schedule, you’ll ultimately minimise the smallest of decisions that you’ve to make every now and then, freeing your mind to become a potent decision maker in your actual times of need.



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