You can’t really call that a “successful” product launch!

The only way to tell if it was successful is if enough (a pre-decided %age) people start using it — referred to as Product Adoption!

The scenario today is such that bringing products to market or being able to successfully launch multiple products is seen as a key skill for Product Managers and Marketers alike, and especially a core functionality under the larger Product Marketing role.

  1. Product Usage — Where y% of x continue to use the product after the adoption time period.

The number depends upon a lot of factors such as, importance of the feature to the core functionality of your product, the demand patterns of the feature [that must have come up during your initial research], is it a paid add-on, the space your product operates in, complexity of the overall product, etc.

This way, when you set a tangible goal, you can very easily map out if your launch has been a success or not.



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