There’s a quite famous proverb that goes like, “If a tree falls inside a jungle and there was no one to see it, did the tree even fall?”

Similarly, when you launch a new product/ feature, but if nobody heard about it, can you really call it a successful launch?


A product marketer, usually, is the only consumer-facing aspect of your marketing team. Reason being, “talking to customers” is at the center of almost everything that their job description entails. …

Couple of weeks back, Netflix released its Q1 2020 earnings report.

And for a layman like me, or for people with just cursory aspirations to know how the company is doing in general, there were just 4 numbers worth paying attention to.

  • Q1 Global paid subscribers added — 15.77M …

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re probably living in a Tier-1 city, earning a handsome income, enjoying all the latest technological breakthroughs around you and utilising them to simplify and streamline your daily life.

Apart from your work (and the traffic), you don’t face many challenges in your…

It has been a distressful year for the technology companies going the IPO route — Uber, Lyft, Peloton, Pinterest. And let’s not even talk about WeWork — yeah, that bastard child of SoftBank!

Slack (acronym for “Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge”) was another big-name technology giant to go…

There’s this quote I absolutely love about internet - “Internet is as much a genius’s laboratory as it is a fool’s playground.”

And rightly so!

If you see the two extremes of internet, on one side you can today get higher education degrees and run multi-million dollar businesses online, while…

A sequential chatbot can seriously hamper your aspirations around providing a better CX

Chatbots at Work

Chatbots, today, have emerged as an extremely useful way to enhance, among other things, Customer Experience (CX) and increase the overall operational efficiency of organizations. They have the capability to support and scale business teams and provide the scope to automate a lot of manual processes of today.


In the same job for too long? You might be required to cut-short your career.

Recently I came across a post, on one of the social media sites, that said, “Don’t trust the capabilities of someone, who has been with the same company, for a lot of years.” And it knocked the wind out of me, for a few minutes!!

The reason was, I had…

Last year in September, Apple finally launched its anniversary iPhone — the iPhone X, which is said to be the best iPhone manufactured till date, by the Cupertino based giant. …

Anand Vatsya

Product Marketing @ WebEngage || Disciple of Human Psychology & a lifelong Chelsea fan.

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